2015 Lodge Fellowship

2015 Lodge Fellowship Photo

Survive Fellowship 2015! While sailing on a cruise ship off the shores of County Pond suddenly a pirate submarine torpedoes the ship! You and the survivors swim to the deserted forrest of Lone Tree Scout Reservation, but now you must work together to survive.

Come enjoy a weekend filled with challanges and suspense as you attempt to survive your ship wreck. Compete against other teams in events like Wilderness Search and Rescue, fire building, tomahawk throwing and BB shooting! Together can you and your brothers gather enough resources to have a Hawaiian Laua on the beach and get rescued?

Pack your Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses and prepare for a much need vacation go wrong the weekend of April 17-19 at Lone Tree Scout Reservation. You can even continue on your path and earn your Brotherhood this weekend!

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Revised 03/29/2015